VetriScience Bladder Strength Dog Chewable Tablets

Size: 90 Chews

Help your dog have healthy bladder functions and balance their interior levels with the VetriScience Bladder Strength Dog Chewable Tablets!

  • Help get normal bladder 
  • 90 chew-able tablets
  • Veterinarian formulated

Why We Love It:

Bladder Strength for Dogs contains pumpkin seed powder, Rehmannia glutinosa, wild yam extract, saw palmetto, and olive leaf extract. The combination of these ingredients supports normal hormone levels, renal function, bladder muscle strength, and normal bladder tone after spaying.

Directions for Use Give 1 tablet per 30 lbs of body weight, daily.For dogs less than 15 lbs, give ½ tablet daily.If giving more than 1 tablet daily, divide amount between AM and PM.

Product FactsActive Ingredients per Tablet:

Pumpkin Seed Powder 150 mg Rehmannia glutinosa (root) Powder 150 mg Wild Yam Extract 150 mg Soy Protein Extract 100 mg Corn Silk Powder 60 mg Saw Palmetto Extract 60 mg Olive Leaf (15% Oleuropein) Extract 50 mg Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6) 25 mg

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