Turkey Dog Costume

Size: Size 1

**Please note: We do not take returns of costumes after October 15.Have a friendly turkey this year with all your fixing.

  • Foam filled body for round plump turkey.
  • Snaps closed along belly.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Hand wash only.

Why We Love It:Gobble Gobble!! You will eat this one up. When the turkey head turns it looks like a real turkey and the foam filled body gives the costume a full round look with screen-printed feathers. Made in the traditional holiday colors, with every bit of original detail this costume is one you will want to gobble up; Form fitting body suit and snaps. Made of 100% cotton hard felt, flaring tail and side wings, it is hand washable and easy to wear. Guaranteed to keep the laughs coming after the dinner is done.

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