The Pet Net Barrier

Size: Large 34″

The Pet Net™ Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs makes traveling with your pet companions safer and easier than ever before! Statistics show that most auto accidents are caused by distracted drivers. The Pet Net™ Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs is created to fit almost any vehicle including cars, vans, SUV’s, and trucks. The Pet Net™ Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs bungee attachment system allows for quick and easy set up with no permanent hardware to be mounted. By setting up this “see through” barrier, the pet has visible access but is kept from interfering with the driver. In some vehicles with a rear cargo area, installing The Pet Net™ Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs in the rear can keep pets away from all passengers which is very helpful when driving with both pets AND children! Available in both standard 24″ and large 34”, sold separately. How to measure: Measure from approximately the top of the headrest down the back of a front seat and estimate the length of the area that needs to be covered between the two front seats. 1. Secure The Pet Net™ Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs to the seat with the loop bungees. 2. Secure the top corners with hook bungees around the seat belt brackets or handles. 3. Secure the bottom corners to the seat belt housings or other fixed points. In all cases, use the grommet position that will create a snug fit. Package Includes: 1 Pet Net™ Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs 2 Loop Bungees 4 Hook Bungees 1 Bag for storage

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