Handmade Bunny Wool Hooded Dog Sweater

Size: Medium

Don’t let your dog be left out in the cold without having on a stylish sweater!

  • Hand knit organic wool.
  • All natural plant dyes.
  • Pull over with a high cut belly.

Why We Love It: Winters can be tough on our delicate pups, so bundle them up in the Handmade Bunny Wool Dog Sweater! Sweater has a stylish knit design with bunny ears and tail. Handmade wool dog sweaters from Chilly Dog are made with hand knit organic wool and all natural plant dyes, perfect for the Eco-conscious pet owner. This sweater is also made following the Fair Trade guidelines and is knitted by descendent’s of the Inca Indians. Because every sweater is handmade, they may vary slightly in color and style.

Sizing Information:XX-Small: 8-9″ LengthX-Small: 12-13″ LengthSmall: 15-17″ LengthMedium: 19-21″ LengthLarge: 23-25″ LengthX-Large: 27-29″ Length2X-Large: 30-33″ Length3X-Large: 36-38″ Length

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